Connecting Community Guideline

Malay Ver. (Versi Bahasa Melayu)

Connecting is where you can communicate with users who get you, at anytime, anywhere without prejudice. Therefore, creating a comfortable and clean environment for users is of highest importance for the management team. The guidelines below contain rules that must be followed to create a clean community. Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in sanctions and punishment in using the service without prior warning.

Abusive, and violent language or action

A. Language that is taken as abusive or something that offends the listener/reader will be regarded as an ‘abusive’ language.  It doesn’t matter whether the word is commonly used among friends or on the Internet.

B. Insults and slander targeting specific races, countries, regions, occupations, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc are strictly prohibited.

C. All acts of insulting, demeaning or slandering others are prohibited.

D. All acts that others may find repugnant or unpleasant are prohibited.

E. All acts that others may feel threatened are prohibited.

F. All acts which may be considered abusive or defamatory other than the above are prohibited.

Sexual harassment and obscene conversation

A. For whatever reason, from dealing with or suggesting sexual topics in calls, chat, posts, profiles, messages, etc. are prohibited.

B. Both physical, verbal and visual sexual behavior are prohibited, such as obscene jokes, sexual metaphors or assessments of appearance, asking for sexual facts, and forcing certain behaviors.

C. All lewd acts other than the above are prohibited.

Contact exchanges and asking for excessive personal information

A. Sharing personal phone numbers, SNS IDs, and open chat rooms are prohibited. Secondary damage may occur due to personal information leakage.

B. Do not ask, induce, or force personal information such as age, occupation, or area of residence without mutual respect.

C. Any activity other than the above that may be considered contact exchange or contact information or excessive personal information are prohibited.

Insincere conversation

A. Talking on the phone, in a group, is prohibited.

B. Using informal language without mutual respect is prohibited. 

C. Calling in an environment where you cannot concentrate on the call without mutual respect, is prohibited. 

D. Act of singing, not answering, or making unknown sounds after connecting a call without mutual respect is prohibited.

E. Talking on the phone while drunk or high is prohibited.

Illegal activities

A Disseminate other people’s personal information or impersonate others is illegal.

B. Using multiple IDs is prohibited.

C. Illegal transaction activities such as money demands for money is prohibited.

D. Using the name of the Connecting, or impersonating the connecting staff to deceive or benefit others, etc. is prohibited.

E. Promoting, selling, or soliciting membership of other products/services without prior consent from Connecting is prohibited. 

F. Any offense other than the above and potentially conduct that may cause moral and ethical problems is prohibited.

Steps and Types of Sanctions

A. Sanctions proceed in the order of warning, temporary suspension, and permanent suspension.

B. Warnings can be issued up to three times, depending on the degree of the issue, then the account may be suspended immediately.

C. Temporary suspension can be granted from 24 hours to 7 days, depending on the extent of the matter, the account may be suspended immediately.

D. Types of temporary bans include call suspension, feed suspension, and call and feed suspension. If the call function is stopped, the user cannot make a call. If the feed function is stopped, the user can only read the post.

E. Even if you did not directly violate the rules, a temporary suspension of your account may be imposed If you receive mass reports within a short period of time.

F. If the account is permanently suspended, the service cannot be re-subscribed, and depending on the extent of the case, Connecting may request judicial and investigative agencies to review the relevant material or hand it over.

G. If your account is sanctioned, temporarily suspended, or permanently suspended in violation of terms and conditions and bylaws, we will not refund any diamonds that have already been used or held.

H. All sanctions comply with privacy policy, service terms and conditions, and community guidelines.

Conversation Recording

Connecting records conversations in all chat & voice rooms and also messages you send to or receive from other users so we can investigate any complaints regarding violations of our Community Guidelines or our Terms of Service, or otherwise illegal or illicit activity. This is part of our commitment to provide the safest possible space for your conversations, and to combat illegal and harmful conduct and content. We will retain the recording as long as reasonably necessary to investigate the potential violation.