👉 Special Rules Only for Connecting Feeds

Feed is a space where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings and communicate with Tinggu in a fun way!
Let’s check the rules below and create a feed full of respect and consideration so that Tingu can have a good time in a clean environment!


  1. Please don’t socialize.

    • If a message or picture that only Tinggu knows comes up, other Tinggu may feel lonely, so please refrain from pretending to know each other in the feed.
    • You can’t intentionally disclose your or other user’s personal information, such as mentioning nicknames or capturing your profile.
    • You should not intentionally mention what you or other users wrote in the past, or post anything that directly allows you to infer, such as mentioning nicknames.

  2. Please keep your anonymity.

    2-1. You can’t post a picture of your face.

    • You can’t upload all the face photos that can hinder anonymity because of the face, such as selfies and face photos.

    2-2. You must not ask for or disclose personal information.

    • Don’t post your number, SNS, game ID, open kakaotalk, and screenshot of the chat room where you can check your profile.

  3. Please do not induce service departure, such as inducing external service use.

    • Please do not share links to other sites or apps such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
    • Please don’t recommend other games in the feed.
    • Please do not induce service departure by sharing similar topics such as MBTI and psychological tests.
    • Please don’t post gifticons, online gift certificates, etc.

  4. Please don’t encourage like or friendship or survey in the comments.

    • It’s good to have more meaningful posts on the feed, and survey posts to get comments can be blinded.

  5. Please do not disclose the contents of the inquiry.

    • Inquiry is a space that contains valuable information only about Ting and Connecting. In order to prevent secondary damage such as personal information leakage, please do not disclose the contents and pages of inquiries.

👩🏽‍❤️‍👨🏼 Let’s make a happy feed together!

  1. We prohibit any act of inciting rebellion, such as abuse, slander, sniper, or quarrel.

    • All parties may be subject to sanctions if abusive language, disparaging others, or arguing occurs. (If there is a malicious user who encourages disturbance, please send a report with more details rather than responding!)
    • Don’t post all the posts that can be inferred through abusive language with indirect expressions such as initial consonants.
    • Please don’t hurt other users with slander or sniper messages.
    • Don’t induce/promote a quarrel on purpose or negligence.

  2. No information that can be inferred from sexual harassment and obscene postings is allowed.

    • Don’t post photos of certain parts of your body that are over-exposed and highlighted.
    • Contents that contain sexual descriptions can be blinded.
    • Don’t post anything that distorts gender ethics, such as making discriminatory or disparaging descriptions of a particular gender or group.
    • Even if there is no direct sexual expression, it can be blinded if it is judged that there is a risk of sexual shame from the perspective of the party or a third party.

  3. Please refrain from doing anything harmful to adolescents.

    • Since it is a space for teenagers, you should not post posts that contain harmful factors such as drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, and sexual orientation/content.

  4. Please refrain from actions that may interfere with other users’ feed use, such as excessive wallpaper, non-content writing/comments, etc.

  5. Do not interfere with the use of other feeds or do anything that appears to be for a similar purpose.


⚠️ This is obvious, right?

  1. You cannot post offensive or slanderous posts about a particular group, race, country, region, occupation, age, gender, appearance, etc.
  2. Please do not post posts that can cause disgust, discomfort, fear, etc. or encourage confusion.
  3. It is prohibited to attempt suicide or to glorify, aid, or encourage it to cause suicidal thoughts.
  4. You must not post posts that can request and disclose personal information.
  5. Advertising posts, advertisements, or job openings cannot be posted.
  6. You can’t post anything that asks for money.
  7. The act of arranging, inducing, encouraging, and aiding sex trafficking is prohibited.

In case of violation of the connecting terms and conditions and community guidelines, including the above feed rules, the service may be temporarily or permanently restricted without prior notice for the protection of users who use the connecting service.