Feed is a space for users to communicate via writings.

We’ve set rules for feed so that everyone can be comforted and empathized even when it’s difficult to call.

  1. Revealing or asking contacts are prohibited.
    • Contents related to messengers, SNS, or game id cannot be posted.  
    • Asking for contacts or revealing it cannot be posted.
  2. Posts slandering certain users are prohibited.
    • You can’t upload posts which aims or slanders specific user!
      • Slandering unspecified users.
      • Slandering specific user with mentioning its profile.
  3. Refrain from posting possible harmful contents for teenagers.
    • As teenagers are using this feed together, please refrain from posting contents which can be harmful to teenagers. (E.g. Alcohol, cigarettes, or sexual contents can be hidden)
  4. Posts containing sexual harassment or obscene picture is prohibited.
    • You cannot upload posts with sexual contents!
    • You cannot upload contents which can be inferred as obscene (E.g. Writings without subject, Abbreviation)
    • Please refrain from posting contents which majority of users might think is obscene.
  5.  Posts containing swearing, slandering, or argument is prohibited. 
    • Connecting feed is for all the connecting users. What you are writing can make others uncomfortable.
    • All the users involved in swearing, slandering, or argument can be the subject to penalty. (If there’s a trouble-making user, please report us with details rather  than responding.)
  6. Posts containing insults against specific group such as race, country, jobs, or age are prohibited.
  7. Posts which can ask or reveal personal information are prohibited.
  8. Posts asking for money are prohibited.
  9. Posts which can make others feel disgusted or uncomfortable are prohibited.
  10. Posts written for advertising purposes are prohibited.
  11. Any other writings that interfere other users on feed can be penalized.

Including feed rules mentioned above, service use can be temporarily or permanently restricted without prior guidance for protecting Connecting users if you violate the Connecting terms of use.