Sharing personal contacts, including phone number, Whatsapp IDs, can lead to personal information leakage and secondary damage.

To encourage users to think once more before posting, deleting the post is disabled. So, please write each post with deep consideration. 🙂 

Feed nickname is given randomly to each user, every time they post a new post. Each nickname stays within the post, but on another post, you will be designated a new random nickname.

We do not feed to be an exclusive place, where already-formed friend groups show biggest presence. Feed should be a place where every user feels comfortable to post, and communicate. So, if you want to carry on the conversation with a single user, please use feed profile exchange function! 

Continuously posting posts that only certain users know, or identifying either yourself or a particular user will make the post to be hidden. Also, you may receive warning/temporary suspension for violating the guidelines. So please help us in making feed an open, and welcoming place!  

Users whose nicknames or names were called out may feel uncomfortable and there are many times when pinpointing users lead to conflicts.😭  Please don’t call out users and keep the anonymity of the feed😀

Please don’t advertise other SNS, app services, or post any thing that leads users to do a certain act, such as download, follow, or buy. This is not a place for marketing and it greatly hurts users experience 😭

Posts where face is main disrupts feed’s anonymity and often leads to appearance evaluation. Users commenting on each others looks, and focusing on appearances, instead of what one has to say, is not what we want. 

With that in mind, a picture that shows face but the focus is on other topics (ex. travel, feed, hobbies, style etc.) is allowed. 

Pictures that show face but the focus is not on the face is allowed. Below are some examples: 

  1. Picture in front of a drawing with “I came to a Picasso exhibit! How is this drawing?”. In this case, topic is on Picasso exhibit, not the user’s face. 
  2. Picture of the user climbing a mountain, saying “Finally checked off my bucket list, which was to ‘Climb Mount Rushmore!’
  3. Picture of user in front of a mirror, wearing a shirt, saying “I’m trying to buy this shirt, but does it look too big?”