Focus of this update is ‘finding the right friend’. We wanted to help you find the right person, who gets your vibe and keep the conversation going.  

🍀 Profile exchange on the Feed

Connecting’s goal is to find you a better friend, someone you can really talk to. Yes, you can hit it off through calls! But there are also times on the feed, when you find someone who really seems to get you. When you don’t want to miss out on these friends, use ‘feed profile exchange’. This enables you to carry on the conversation with someone you met on the feed! Don’t forget to write posts and profiles that show your personality to be better connected. 

One thing to be aware is that your diamonds will not be restored if your request gets denied. This is to prevent too many insincere profile exchange requests from being sent. So, please have enough chats with the other user, and see if the user wants to carry on the convo before sending the request!

🍀  Personality-type based suggestions on Today’s cards

There were repeated requests on getting connected to buddies who have something in common with me. Having same hobbies & interests, or someone with better chemistry.

However, because Connecting calls get connected real-time, it was difficult for us to put a ‘filter’ on the buddy you get connected via calls. Too many conditions on finding the buddy leads to longer wait time or worse, no possible calls at all. Therefore, we had to think of a way to make a better match without interfering with call experience. 

We have updated ‘Today’s cards’ to suggest users that better match your personality type, hobbies&interests, and more. ‘Today’s cards’ can be found on upper right corner of the main screen (3rd tab). One tip: age & gender preference of the users who show up on ‘Today’s cards’ is based on the call preferences you set.😉


Did you purchase subscription for the first time but didn’t receive items? We apologize for the inconvenience. Please take a screenshot of your purchase history and ‘Contact us’. Below is how to find your purchase history.

  • Android: Playstore settings -> Payments & subscriptions -> Budget & history
  • iOS: Settings -> Name on the top -> Media & Purchases -> Scroll down to ‘Purchase history’

Was it the day for your subscription to be renewed, but you didn’t get the items? You can check your renewal date on item box. Item box is on the upper right corner of the main screen (3rd tab).
Subscription renewal date and time is the same as your payment date and time. For example, if your subscription first payment was on Feb 28th, 14:00, your renewal items will be charged on March 28th, 14:00. If your renewal time has passed but didn’t receive items, please ‘Contact us’.

Subscription is an auto-renewal system, where renewal period is based on your choice. In other words, if you purchased 1 month option, your subscription will be renewed every month. 
So, if you intended to use only for that particular period and do not wish to use the renewed item, you need to ask for a refund right away. Due to privacy policy of each platform, we cannot assist refund right away. So, please reach out to Playstore/Appstore using below link. 
  • Android (Playstore): Press here to request a refund
  • iOS (Appstore): Press here to request a refund.
Below are few tips to get the refund! 1) You should not use the subscription items. If the items are used, chances are you may not get the refund. 2) On the reason, clearly state that you did not mean to have the subscription renewed, and that you want it cancelled right away. 

Subscription IS NOT automatically cancelled even if you delete the app or the account. Therefore, you need to contact Playstore/Appstore for the refund. We have specific guides below on how to request a cancel, so please check it out. 

Even if you cancel the subscription, you can use the service for the remaining time. You need to request cancellation to Appstore/Playstore directly due to each platform’s privacy policy. 


  1. Open Google Playstore.
  2. On the upper left, select ‘Menu’.
  3. Select ‘Subscriptions’ and press the item you purchased from Connecting.
  4. Press ‘Cancel subscription’. You can check specific guides here.
  5. If you could not cancel with above steps, please contact Google Play support center


  1. Open ‘Settings’ of the phone.
  2. Press your name on very top. 
  3. Select ‘Subscriptions’. 
  4. Select the item you purchased from Connecting.
  5. Press ‘Cancel subscription’. You can check specific guides here.
  6. If you could not cancel with above steps, please contact Apple support team

Due to privacy policy of each platform, we have limited access to purchase, cancel, and refund of subscription.  Therefore, you need to contact Playstore/Appstore yourself. Please follow below guidelines.

  • Android (Playstore): You can ask for a refund  here
  • iOS (Appstore): You can ask for a refund here

Each platform decides on whether you can get a refund and takes around 4-6 working days.

You can check subscription at upper right part of the main screen (3rd tab). There are several packages, so please check and select the one that best fits you! You can use the item as soon as you purchase. 

Subscription fee will be charged regularly after the period you selected. Renewal fee will be charged to your account, within 24 hours of expire date. 

You can start using the item as soon as the payment is made. If you want to know the exact date and time, press upper right corner box icon. 


Ratings that you give to the other user after the call is used on the matching algorithm to find you a better match. Also, if you continuously receive high ratings, you will be included as ‘Top 20%’ users, which means people who selected ‘popular mode’ will be connected to you. Then, you will be connected faster, and with users who are more likely to like you. 

You won’t be re-connected for 30 days. However, after 30 days, you can be rematched to the user. 

For the first 5-10 seconds when the call is connecting, you may not hear anything. However, if this continues, please check if you gave ‘Audio permission’ to the app, under ‘settings’ of the phone. Also, if you’re using WIFI, please change to Data. If all these don’t work, please ‘Contact us’ on profile tab (5th tab) for us to check. 

This happens when you or the caller’s network is unstable. If you’re using WIFI, switch to Data mode. If you cannot connect even after 30 seconds, please ‘Contact us’. We will restore your call ticket and diamonds. 

This happens when the buddy deleted the account or your profile. When the user deletes the account or the caller’s profile, both users can’t view each other’s profile. 

This happens when the other user chose to exit the chat room or deleted the account. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. This rarely happens and we will charge your diamonds right away. Please ‘Contact us’ using the menu on profile tab (5th tab). 

Sorry for the inconvenience. This rarely happens and we will sort the issue right away. Please ‘Contact us’ using the menu on profile tab (5th tab). 


Go to profile tab -> press the upper right corner pencil icon -> press nickname. Please be aware that you need diamonds to change. 

Please ‘Contact us’ via profile tab (5th tab) and tell us which picture you wish to delete. However, you always need at least 2 photos, so if you’re trying to delete one of the 2 photos, we won’t be able to help you. 


If you ‘end call’, you can select reaons for hanging up. If you select the appropriate reason for reporting and write details of the report, we will check immediately and the reported user will be penalized. If the issue is severe, reported user may face criminal charges. The other user will never know who reported, and we have report system on 24/7. You can also reach out to us using ‘Contact us’ on profile tab (5th tab). So, if you ever meet a user that is against the policy or offends you, please report right away. 

1st report will be dealt with a warning. If the user gets reported with the same reason, the account will be suspended for 3 days. If the user gets reported again after the suspension, the account will be permanently terminated.